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Payday Loans - New Demands

Christmas has come and gone, trees are down, decorations are put away for another year and the New Year celebrations have long since worn off. Many consumers are back at work – those that were fortunate to have Christmas off – and the days are starting to lengthen just a tiny little bit.

Payday LoansA new school term is upon us taking us up to Easter in mid April, which seems a long time away during the winter months. Some may find their finances stretched.

Payday Loans App offers small sum, short term loans from the convenience of the internet. You can apply in your own time (although loans are only processed during working hours as detailed on the Payday Loans App website) and from your laptop.

Payday Loans App will never encourage consumers to take loans. The decision to borrow is a personal one and there are many considerations to be taken into account.

All responsible lenders provide full and transparent pre-contractual information, which prospective borrowers should read and consider before proceeding to reading the consumer credit agreement. The pre-contractual information, and the loan agreement, tell you:
• The amount of the loan (credit) ie how much you seek to borrow
• The interest rate applicable to the proposed loan
• The APR of the proposed loan, this is not the flat interest rate and takes into account the “time value of money”. The APR is based on a mathematical formula and it may not be the best measure for comparing the cost of very short term loans
• How much you will have to pay back in total
• How and when this amount is to be paid back
• Charges that may be incurred if you fail to repay on time
• How a continuous payment authority works, and how you can cancel it
• Your legal right of withdrawal

You should also be able to find information on how to settle your agreement early and how to complain.

It is very important to read and consider these documents carefully before providing an online signature to conclude the agreement. At Payday Loans App we want our customers to be able to pay back in full and on time without undue hardship. It is important that you do not underestimate future loan repayment costs or indeed overestimate your ability to repay on the due date, and we want you to be fully aware of the risks and benefits of taking out a payday loan with Payday Loans App and make up your own mind, in an informed manner, if this type of loan is suitable for your needs at this time.

Payday Loans App has a transparent website giving information about our loans and a representative APR and example, although this may not be the exact loan offer you receive, our interest charge per £100 remains the same whether you take a loan for 15 or 30 days, say. This means that, proportionately, a loan over a shorter period is more expensive than one over a longer period.

Payday Loans App cannot offer loans to all who apply, but we do our best to make realistic offers to consumers and carry out our own checks, including on affordability, using applicants details provided on the application form and other information from credit reference agencies.